Reviews & Case Studies

On this page, I have included some of the real case studies from driving instructors. Who were happy to share their own personal stories to give you a balanced overview. Along with actual reviews from the instructors who trained with Mark Jordan Driving

You will read a variety of reasons given for leaving their past jobs. But the one thing they all have in common and that is the desire to take control of their work/life balance and be in a position to choose what they do.

train to be a driving instructor

Jamie trained in-house with Mark Jordan Driving and now covers Burton, Swadlincote and Ashby areas.

Before joining Mark Jordan Driving I had been working within logistics for many years, as part of my role I was required to travel the country and I soon came to realise that I didn’t actually enjoy my job, I enjoyed the driving. I felt that I was living to work, often compromising my work life balance to ensure I kept work happy. Driving instruction seemed the logical step to do more of what I enjoyed. As I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy a career change into driving tuition, I tried teaching a family member to drive… and loved it!

I spoke to many large driving schools about becoming a driving instructor however felt like I was being pushed into ‘another sale’ rather than a career change. I was offered many great deals and even ‘free training’ but something didn’t seem right to me.

I knew I wanted to teach, but I didn’t feel like I wanted to join a large corporate company and become another number on the books. I gave up looking for a career change for a few years and then read an advert for Mark Jordan Driving online, I enquired and was sent a book to read – this book was even delivered by Mark in person.

I read Marks book, and arranged to meet him for an informal chat over coffee. Mark was honest, open and honestly discussed ‘pro and cons’ – no sales patter, no pressure just a genuine chat. I explained my situation at work and agreed to start my training with Mark Jordan. I chose Mark Jordan Driving as it was clear that I wasn’t going to become another number, during our chat Marks passion for service and customer care was clear. This is exactly what kind of team I wanted to be a part of.

I soon started training, I found the training fun and took everything at a pace that I felt comfortable with. The lesson structures made it easy to learn and Mark was always onside to answer any questions I had.I was particularly nervous about training with a live pupil, After each lesson Mark would provide feedback and explain techniques to use, explaining the benefits of his tried and tested methods.

With Marks help I passed my part 1, part 2 and part 3 tests first time, and I’m now a qualified driving instructor enjoying a job I’ve always wanted to do.I would completely recommend Mark Jordan Driving for training, As I said before I had spent years enquiring and thinking ‘oh should I?’. I am genuinely so happy I made the decision to train with Mark.

If anyone is thinking about becoming a driving instructor I’d recommend giving Mark Jordan Driving a call, I’m so glad I did!

Jamie Sharp ADI

driving instructor training

Andy trained in-house with Mark Jordan Driving and now covers Coalville, Loughborough and Ashby areas.

I came into the driving instructor industry while teaching my children, I taught both my daughter and son to drive and they both passed 1st time. It was this that sowed the seed to make this my new career.

I had worked very successfully in the corporate world but realised I had become a cog in the machine.

When deciding on my new path I spoke to all the main players in the industry, made the usual inquiries  with the nationals and also Mark Jordan Driving, and soon realised that only one stood out for me  – Mark Jordan Driving

It was only Mark who put time aside for an informal meeting. The meeting was great, no sales patter, no hard sell, just open and honest about what is needed to qualify and start a new career as a driving instructor. Only Mark put to rest my fears of retraining aside, by talking all the time about the individual tailored training package he would provide.

I started with high expectations for my training with Mark and it soon became obvious I had made the right decision, his passion for the job just pours out during training sessions. I can honestly say that I actually enjoyed my training with all my expectations exceeded. It can at times be stretching but Mark makes it enjoyable and explains every step for each topic. The training was always structured, providing detailed feedback, explaining the benefits of each training  method.

I passed my part 1, 2 and 3 tests first time with high marks and am now a fully qualified driving instructor.

I wasn’t under any obligation to the Mark Jordan Driving Franchise, unlike the nationals who contract you in during your training, which is why their training packages ‘appear’ cheaper, but I think Marks brand identity is second to none, with great benefits fully suiting me including :-

  • Completlely free to choose the days and hours I work.
  • Work the towns I choose.
  • Fully paid vehicle livery.
  • Full branded uniform provided.
  • All marketing done by the school.
  • Franchise holiday breaks.
  • A very well positioned website.
  • A great easy to use school diary system – sending automated reminders and fully serviced by the school maximising my work time.
  • Full pupil payments received to my account.
    Don’t have to worry about being GDPR compliant, as fully taken care of by the school.

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy my new life being in control of my working hours and my own future.

I would completely recommend Mark Jordan Driving for training. He is so passionate about the brand and people, his support is second to none. I would also recommend Mark Jordan Driving as a place to work as I continue to work full time with a great brand and fantastic reputation.

Thinking of working as a driving instructor? Save some time checking out everybody else and join Mark Jordan Driving.

Andy Tyler ADI

driving instructor training

John trained in house with Mark Jordan driving and now covers the Hinckley & Nuneaton area’s

As I sit and write I have today become the newest ADI in the country, having passed my part 3 test this morning (though I suppose there could be others who passed after 9.45am). I now have begun to organise the practicalities for beginning my new career as an instructor, but have been asked by Mark to take the time to reflect on the last seven months and pen a review of the process and why I made a career switch…again!

Yes, I have changed careers three times so far, but hopefully this will be for the last time. My previous role was in Education, spending 20 years teaching children from just about every age group both in this country and abroad. I enjoyed much of this time and, whilst education has changed and the pressures asked of teachers and leaders is much greater than ever before, this was not the reason for re-training as a driving instructor. I have always liked learning myself, and have spent many years completing courses to be better informed and to stretch myself. It was as I was looking for my next role that an advert popped up for Driving Instructor training from one of the national companies. Not wanting to accept that this company was right for me I looked around and found the Mark Jordan Driving School which seemed to be more personable in its approach and was not afraid to identify the pitfalls around instructing. This seemed more realistic in terms of what to expect, which was confirmed when I met up with Mark to discuss it further.

What sold it to me was that instruction was not like when I passed, in that I would need to write lesson plans that would be adaptable to each pupil’s needs. As an instructor I would be coaching pupils more than instructing and that all I would have was one pupil at a time, rather than the 34 I was used to! This brought all the positive elements of teaching for me into nice tidy 2 hour slots which enabled me to make a difference to pupils lives as they found their independence behind the wheel, as well as not having to bring marking home and spend weekends planning a lesson that could be differentiated 34 ways at the same time. I also love driving, and have often envied HGV drivers who could just drive all day – this is better as I would have missed the personal element of my work.

So, why Mark Jordan Driving School? Firstly, Mark knows his stuff! Having instructed for many years he quickly identified the many bad habits I had picked up as a driver and had numerous ways to help me perfect my skills behind the wheel. He did such a good job that I think he was even surprised when I passed my part 2 without any faults! Believe me, I wouldn’t have passed a standard driving test beforehand, but now I always drive properly to the point where my kids complain that I go too slow, but they are learning what 30mph looks like so I am starting their coaching early!

Whilst I re-learnt to drive Mark put into place his very informative and constructive plan to build my teaching ability. I quickly got to grips with the talking aspects and was comfortable coaching new skills. I struggled more with practically delivering a lesson as I didn’t realise how hard it would be to instruct a pupil how to drive – it just comes naturally to me, and all of us when we have learnt, but why can I not accurately stage by stage guide a new driver as they quickly approach the junction? Mark is a scientist (albeit a very specialised one) as he introduced me to muscle memory – though thinking about it he didn’t really explain how it works, just that it exists, but either way he helped me to improve and deliver accurate instruction.

Lastly Mark is always available to answer any question no matter how stupid it may sound (though he will probably make you aware of this fact), he has a great sense of humour (he had to with me sometimes) and with the other instructors in the group there is always help and support, as well as challenge so that we continually keep on top of our game and deliver the best service for our pupils.

John Pibworth – ADI

train to be a driving instructor

Richard trained in-house with Mark Jordan Driving and now covers Burton, Swadlincote and Ashby areas.

My Journey to becoming a Driving Instructor was probably quite unique. My work life wasn’t going well, I was bored and feeling I had no direction. A friend asked me “why not become a driving instructor like me?” He even pointed me towards some trainers in the industry.

I had a look, but none of them appealed, the style of training was just not for me, so I said “why don’t you train me?” So he did and the rest they say is history. He learn’t the latest techniques, and passed them on to me.

I have known Mark Jordan for many years, but never have I seen him so passionate about his work until he took up training Driving Instructors. You get what you pay for, he is always at the end of the phone if we ever need support and the way he runs his franchise is second to none. The support throughout the COVID pandemic was phenomenal.

My diary is always full and there are a few reasons for this. The school has a fantastic reputation, Marks marketing is extremely effective and our students leave great reviews about how they thoroughly enjoy the teaching techniques we use.

Thinking of becoming a Driving Instructor….. Look no further

Richard Wall ADI

Train to be a driving instructor with Mark Jordan Driving

Carly trained in-house with Mark Jordan Driving and now covers Coalville, Loughborough and Ashby areas.

So why did I decide to train as a Driving Instructor? I am also a police officer with 20 years service and whilst I still enjoy my role, I feel that the constraints of the job and shift work whilst juggling family life does bring its pressures. I wanted a career that allowed me to manage my own time and I had an itch for a new challenge (my mid-life crisis as some may say!). One of my biggest bug bears is observing poor driving standards on the roads and road safety is something I am passionate about. Being a police officer, I have attended many road traffic collisions in my career and feel strongly about making that positive change and improving driving standards, particularly in young adult drivers where the fatality statistics are higher than other age groups in the UK.
So why did I choose Mark Jordan? When deciding to embark on this journey it was a minefield as to who to go with training wise. I approached a couple of the national schools as on the surface, the packages they offer are attractive, however when researched further, I soon realised that I did not want to be restricted to lengthy and costly franchise contracts. I also researched local schools that offered training and noticed the fantastic reviews Mark had so contacted him and we met for a coffee and informal chat. Mark explained what the process was to train and qualify as an instructor, without any pressure or hard sell. Whilst the training package is not the cheapest around, I felt that what he offered was really comprehensive and could be tailored around my other commitments. His training sessions offered were 1 to 1, unlike some of the National Schools that you hear about who could have a few PDIS in a car at a time.
After some consideration, I signed up with Mark and began my training where he assessed my driving ability and assisted to brush up some of my habits and alter some of my police learnt techniques which enabled me to pass my Part 2 exam 1st time. Then began the Part 3 training which is where reality really hit and I realised that it was one thing knowing how to drive but another actually verbalising it to a learner! Mark used roleplay and whilst I would normally object to this way of learning, it really did help to get a feel of what it is like sitting in that passenger seat and observing and analysing faults. Every week prior to a lesson on a particular topic I would write a lesson plan and send this to Mark who would ensure all areas and risk were covered before delivering it. This preparation really helped when it came to teaching my live pupil who I taught as part of my training and passed my Part 3, again 1st time! Turns out you can teach an old dog new tricks.
I have now signed up with Mark Jordan Driving as a part-time franchise which gives me the flexibility to instruct but also continue to do my day job in the police. Mark along with his other instructors have been great in helping me to achieve my goal and I look forward to being part of his team and offering a high standard of driving instruction locally. Mark knows his stuff and without hesitation I would recommend his training to anyone!

Carly Cordon ADI

driving instructor training

Matt trained in house with Mark Jordan Driving.

Prior to becoming a driving instructor, I had spent twelve years working as a classroom teacher. I simply enjoyed the satisfaction of imparting knowledge, equipping young people with new skills and sharing in their success on exams results day. Unfortunately, teaching became more about paperwork, meeting targets and appeasing senior management and so I sadly made the decision to leave the profession.

I chose driving instruction for my new career as I wanted to carry on teaching but in a different role and environment. I also wanted the freedom of working for myself, choosing my own hours and not having to answer to a senior leadership team!

When choosing my training provider, I wanted to steer clear of the national schools, since I had heard that they were very good at taking your money but not so great when it comes to doing everything, they can to ensure that you qualify as an ADI. A lot of the national schools also offer promises of a franchise opportunity upon qualification, with the expectation that you will be tied into their contract long-term.

It was also important to me that I chose a local training provider so that I could become familiar with the local area and benefit from their local knowledge. I also wanted the option to spread out the cost of my training so that it was more financially manageable.

I chose Mark Jordan based upon the positive reviews and feedback given by previous trainees. Mark took the time to meet with me personally and fully explained his training programme, with no obligation. He followed this up with several emails and was always willing to answer my questions and offer advice. There was never any pressure to sign up for training and, in fact, it was several months before I committed to the training.

As Mark had taken the time to explain everything to me beforehand and provided supporting literature, I already had high expectations for his training programme. And once I commenced my training, I was not disappointed! As a teacher myself, I expected the training to be adapted to suit me and my pace of learning. Mark did this effectively and this enabled me to achieve success in qualifying as an ADI.

The training methods used were very effective. They included a mix of theoretical and practical work, involving role-play so that I could experience a wider range of potential scenarios. Mark was always able to give prompt and effective advice and rather than just offering a solution, would make me think it through for myself. This has enabled me to become an effective instructor, since I can refer back to my own training experiences when working with my pupils.

Without hesitation I would recommend Mark Jordan Driving for your instructor training. Mark is a very experienced trainer and does everything he can to help you to succeed. You will be treated as a friend and not just a client, and there is no pressure to sign up to a franchise at the end of your training.

Matt Allen ADI

Case Studies

I was made redundant when 50% of the workforce where I worked was axed. I was in the building trade at management level and had enjoyed my career for over 20 years.
I always had the ambition to be my own boss and work the hours I choose and now this has become a reality. I am really looking forward to becoming part of the team and one thing I can be assured of is that with the continued support I will be in for a long, successful and rewarding career to which my goal is to improve every day”.

Pete Warren


After working for the last ten years in financial services and suffering the volatile market conditions that go with it, the decision to seek a new challenge was forced on me during the massive recession of 2010. Work finally dried up and I was no longer able to make a living.

Even when work in financial services was plentiful, the trade off was the busier I became, the more time I spent away from my family. The very nature of the work involved visiting clients at their homes when they were not at work, so evenings and at weekends.

Many a time especially during the summer months when my neighbours would be spending time in the garden with their children or taking trips to the beach, It felt a huge wrench when I had to go to work and miss out on the quality family time. I still regret that irreplaceable time and before I knew it my young children had grown up.

I trained and became a driving instructor during 2010 and it’s been a breath of fresh air.

Now I am in complete control of my working hours and having the whole weekend off is such a major benefit. Unfortunately, I can’t replace that quality time missed when my children were very young but I am certainly making up for it now.

Dave Miles


I always wanted to be a driving instructor but being self-employed has always been an obstacle as my wife is also self-employed and we felt that one of us had to stay in a job with a fixed-income, in reality I’ve never had a lack of work since joining the school and income as been steady and not a problem in any way”.
It is a very different way of life if I’m honest and I’m still adjusting having spent 30 years working in workshop settings leaving the house at 7:30 AM and coming home at 6 PM. The freedom to choose the hours I work and be around the family more is something which I have not had in the past. The freedom to plan holidays when I want them is also something I am making the most of.
The best thing about the job is watching students improve week on week and knowing that I am actually making a difference, seeing them gain in confidence and helping them to know they can do it.

Mike Jenks


Having spent some twenty years in retail management and fast approaching forty years of age, my career was reaching a “crossroads” and I had to decide which “direction” to take next.

​Honestly not seeing myself doing the same job on an employed basis until my retirement age and always wanting to be self-employed, enjoying training, having experience in communication and being self-motivated, driving instruction was a natural progression and ticked all the boxes.

​To this day, I have never looked back on becoming a driver trainer, the reward and sense of achievement when teaching an individual, a life skill is second to none. The challenge to get the best from a pupil, to see their confidence grow and grow to final success is very satisfying.

Keith Futcher


Before I became a driving instructor, I spent most of my previous working life in various factories and at first this satisfied me as I had a regular income and it kept me and my young family comfortable, however as I grew older I realised I was in a position with no prospects and had very little respect from my employers from all the hard work and dedication that I put into the job.

It was around this time I started to look at other options and one thing that appealed to me was becoming a driving instructor and as I had helped to run my sons football team when he was younger, I felt I had good communication skills with the players and maybe I could use this to become an instructor.

The nice thing about the job is that I can choose times and days I wish to work and I do feel that I’m being appreciated at what I’m trying to do.  I’m very happy with the way my career is developing and only wish that I had made the decision much sooner”.

Adrian Gill


I’ve always loved driving and as soon as I turned 17, I could think of nothing better than learning to drive. After many years of working in logistics, running a pub and watching my daughter grow up, I thought a change was in order and what better way to make it than to teach people to drive.
The best part of the job is knowing that you are imparting your knowledge that someone is benefiting from and achieving their goal from your instruction.
I haven’t looked back since is the best move I’ve ever made.
I now feel I have the perfect work, life balance. I am able to arrange lessons around my daughter, choosing to work longer hours when I need extra funds but also cutting them back for quality family time. Being your own boss has many benefits but when running a pub, I had no control over the hours worked unlike now when I am in full control”.

Tracey Manning


Mark Jordan Driving School is a family run School operating in the

Burton, Ashby and Swadlincote, Coalville, Hinckley & Loughborough areas.

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I became a driving instructor in November 2012 and worked with a national driving school until April 2013.

I then went independent and was very proud to be operating with my name on the tuition vehicle. I went on to build a solid local reputation and I am now attracting more work than I can handle.

You may prefer to be in a position where you are working under the umbrella of a successful driving school, with all your marketing and admin taken care of. Or you may be the entrepreneurial type that would like to see your own name “in lights” at some stage and that’s absolutely fine of course.

The world, really is your oyster.

I have been sending out the books in the Burton, Ashby and Swadlincote, Coalville and Loughborough areas. But many that receive and read it decide it’s not quite right for them. That’s absolutely fine, at least they explored the possibility rather than simply accept their current situation.

The purpose of the book is not to persuade or convince you in any way but to give you an insight to what may be a solution for you.

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